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Jun 12: Hidden UFO civilization could be on Earth: Harvard researchers -
Jun 6: Japan lawmakers probe UFO security 'threat' -
Jun 5: Senate Targets Pentagon's UFO Office for Accountability Review -
Jun 3: UK’s top UFO expert shares one major fallout from finding aliens -
May 31: Declassify the UAP Files -
May 30: The government has been making plans for finding aliens -
May 24: UFO sightings over Brazil, Argentina and Chile leave experts baffled -
May 24: Australia's 'spaceship house' hits market for first time in over 40 years -
May 21: Senior Military Officer States There Is “Zero Doubt” Non-Human Intelligence Interacting With Humanity Exists And Warns Of Catastrophic Disclosure -
May 21: Scientists to install nuclear-powered UFO detectors in space to lure aliens to Earth -
May 18: Las Vegas teen whose family was ridiculed for calling 911 to report alien in backyard speaks out -
May 18: Proof aliens exist? Federal agencies must now deliver all UFO reports for public disclosure - including classified material -
May 17: BBC Journalist Allegedly Threatened by CIA Over 1994 UFO Landing Case in Zimbabwe -
May 16: Congressman moves to declassify UFO docs: 'If you got nothing to hide, release the files' -
May 16: U.S. intelligence officials wanted to meet with Transport Canada's UFO 'lead' -
May 11: U.S. Government’s UFO Office Confirms It Has Not Received Information On ‘Drone’ Incursions Over Langley Air Force Base -
May 9: Glowing 'UFO' spotted across several states with several witnesses reporting similar stories -
May 9: I don't see any evidence of aliens.' SpaceX's Elon Musk says Starlink satellites have never dodged UFOs -
May 9: Top senators believe the US secretly recovered UFOs -
May 8: Video of aliens spotted in Vegas is totally ‘authentic,’ expert says: ‘You can’t deny it’ -
May 2: Sen. Gillibrand's informed AARO: "I'd like to have a public hearing this summer" -
May 1: The Pentagon is lying about UFOs -
Apr 25: Possible UFO over NYC baffles passenger flying into LaGuardia -
Apr 24: Government's refusal's to declassify UFO docs is a 'cover-up' costing taxpayers millions: GOP congressman -
Apr 23: USS Nimitz Tic Tac UFO: unveiling inexplicable physics -
Apr 22: Kona Blue Insiders Reveal How U.S. Agencies Allegedly Involved In Legacy UFO Programs -
Apr 21: Drones or UFOs? Alarming incursions demand answers -
Apr 4: I was told to stop asking questions about UFOs – I was warned there would be riots if truth got out, says US congressman -
Apr 4: American scientists risk their reputation over Nazca Mummies: 'More investigaton is needed' -
Apr 4: Western US residents report the most UFO sightings — what are they actually seeing? -
Apr 3: Robbie Williams thinks he might be a messenger for aliens -
Apr 3: Chilling moment pulsating blue cigar-shaped UFO is filmed hovering over ‘alien-hotspot’ US city leaving locals baffled -
Apr 3: Pennsylvania has ‘pretty low’ likelihood for alien abduction -
Apr 2: The Air Force Asked This Man to Investigate UFOs—Then Pushed Him Away After What He Found -
Apr 2: Bible isn’t at odds with UFOs: Rep. Tim Burchett -
Apr 2: 10 states where you're most likely to be abducted by aliens this National Alien Abduction Day revealed -
Mar 31: Mystery sighting of 'crashed object' stuns experts as 'underwater aliens' investigated -
Mar 31: Ex-US Navy Admiral leads search for underwater alien, 'seen unidentified craft under water' -
Mar 31: The night a bizarre ‘jellyfish’ UFO was spotted hovering above a UK town -
Mar 15: Pentagon’s flawed UFO report demands congressional action -
Mar 15: The AARO Report, the Craft, the Bodies and the Truth with Kevin Randle -
Mar 15: Top Intelligence Office Unable To Publicly Support Pentagon's UFO Report, Despite Oversight Role -
Mar 14: Pentagon report denies UFOs are aliens. Experts accuse the government of misrepresenting the truth -
Mar 14: UFOs: Don’t Expect The Truth From Government -
Mar 8: Pentagon’s UFO agency report shows analytic bias -
Mar 8: Pentagon Review Finds No Evidence of Alien Cover-Up -
Mar 2: Canadian government's top science advisor provides update on official UFO study -
Feb 28: Disc-shaped UFO is filmed by Ukrainian military in warzone -
Feb 27: PLA's UAP countermeasure system is also aimed at military restraint - postseven-com (translated)
Feb 23: US School Teacher Claims Egg-Shaped UFO Physically Impacted Her Before Being Spotted In Another City -
Feb 20:'Best ever UFO footage' on film has authenticity 'confirmed' -
Feb 20: Pilot saw UFO "twice the size of a city" during flight over Mexico -
Feb 15: Confirms the Existence of a Recording of a UFO Interfering with a Dummy Nuclear Warhead in Flight -
Feb 13: Multiple US military whistleblowers reveal how a disc-shaped UFO intercepted nuclear missile -
Feb 8: America's UFO hotspots, mapped -
Feb 6: National Archives tees up new rules for UFO records -
Feb 6: Former UFO boss: Pentagon needs to be less secretive -
Feb 5: Dear British Government, It Is Time To Wake Up To The UFO Reality -
Feb 3: UFO within metres of Ryanair plane from Stansted Airport -
Feb 1: The Pentagon’s Former Chief UFO Hunter Speaks Out, But Some Of His Arguments Don’t Hit The Mark -
Jan 25: Man 'abducted by aliens' after seeing flashing lights behind him on rural road -
Jan 25: Press Release: Evaluation of the DoD’s Actions Regarding Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena -
Jan 25: ‘Uncoordinated’: Internal watchdog raps Pentagon’s UFO tracking effort -
Jan 25: Pentagon watchdog says "uncoordinated" approach to UAPs, or UFOs, could endanger national security -
Jan 24: 2024 Is Shaping Up To Be The Year Of Tall Aliens -
Jan 22: Flying flames seen over uptown Charlotte sparks UFO debate. What were they? -
Jan 19: Here’s What I Learned as the U.S. Government’s UFO Hunter -
Jan 19: ‘Jellyfish’ UFO sighted in Iraq was ‘ghost story’ at base, says former Marine -
Jan 17: Pentagon issues statement in response to ‘jellyfish’ UAP questions -
Jan 15: UFO Hearing Witness: New UAP Bill Will 'Close the Gap' -
Jan 13: Floating 'Jellyfish' UFO haunted US military base in Iraq for years -
Jan 12: Classified UFO briefing: House members emerge with mixed feelings -
Jan 11: UFO sightings: In a first, civilian pilots could report UAP to FAA under proposed bill -
Jan 10: UFO whistleblower held secret talk with 'Wall St bigwigs' and CIA officials -
Jan 7: Top secret UFO meeting in Congress to reveal 'classified' details of illegal crash retrieval program -
Jan 5: From UFOs to UAPs: A recent history of unidentified objects in the sky -
Jan 1: 2023-The year the US government started taking UFOs seriously -


Dec 26: UFO caught on camera hovering over "Air Force 1" at LAX -
Dec 15: Sen. Rounds on NDAA UAP provision: “It's not what we wanted, but it's a step in the right direction” -
Dec 15: A New Law Forces the U.S. Government to Collect UFO Sightings—But Not Release Them to the Public -
Dec 14: U.S. Senators Express Frustration Over Weakened UFO Disclosure Language -
Dec 14: Congress Orders U.F.O. Records Released but Drops Bid for Broader Disclosure -
Dec 9: What the Media’s Mainstreaming of UFOs Means for Government Transparency -
Dec 9: Enhanced ‘game-changing’ video casts new light on Pentagon UFO mysteries -
Dec 7: UFO panel, recovery rules cut from defense funding bill -
Dec 7: ..."total disclosure," Rep. Tim Burchett tells Ask a Pol. "There's no compromise on that" -
Dec 3: It's time to think beyond the science and national security framework for UAP -
Nov 29: CIA's secret office has conducted UFO retrieval missions on at least NINE crash sites -
Nov 27: Humanoid figures with giant heads found painted in African cave -
Nov 7: Pentagon UFO boss to step down next month -
Nov 3: Pentagon UFO chief Dr Sean Kirkpatrick will be replaced, accused of lying and ignoring witnesses -
Oct 31: Pentagon announces long-awaited UFO reporting form -
Oct 27: ‘Technology surprise’: Are China, Russia ahead of us in UFO retrieval, research? -
Oct 24: UFO hotspots revealed as ex Ministry of Defence expert calls for action -
Oct 22: UK's 900 UFO sightings in last two years -
Oct 18: US is receiving dozens of UFO reports a month -
Oct 17: Dr. James Lacatski, former head of US gov't UFO program confirms gov't possesses advanced craft of unknown origin -
Sept 25: Dozens Of Government UFO Whistleblowers Have Given Testimony To Congress, Pentagon, And Inspectors General - Michael Shellenberger, Andrew Mohar, and Phoebe Smith
Sept 20: U.S. Air Force Reports Mysterious Gulf of Mexico Incident to Pentagon's UFO Office -
Sept 14: Unveiling of 'non-human' bodies at Mexico's congress 'an unsubstantiated stunt' -
Sept 13: Mexican Congress holds hearing on UFOs, featuring 'alien' bodies -
Sept 11: The Most Significant Law in Human History? -
Sept 11: UFO's in US backyard, but no coordinated response - liberation
Sept 7: Urge to secrecy is longstanding in US (Nick Pope interview) - NewsNation
Sept 6: In US, most UFO documentation is classified. Not so in other countries -
Sept 1: Pentagon's UFO Office Has Collection And Analysis Of Material From Unknown Origin -
Aug 31: DOD Launches the All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office Website -
Aug 29: Pilot UFO sightings reveal serious safety concerns - the
Aug 11: NASA’s approach to UFOs appears remarkably unscientific -
Aug 10: UFO reporting hotline is MIA -
Aug 6: ‘Weird and unexplainable’ America’s top general on UFOs -
Aug 2: The truth is out there, More Americans believe in UFOs -
Aug 2: UFOs are the story of the century, wake up America! -
July 31: Former U.S. Intelligence Chief Weighs In on UFO Hearings -
July 29: UFOs back in spotlight as ‘surreal’ Washington hearing buoys believers -
July 28: Whistleblower calls for government transparency as Congress digs for the truth about UFOs -
July 26: Witnesses call for increased military transparency on UFOs during hearing: 'Long overdue' -
July 26: UFO Hearing Key Takeaways -
US Congress is holding UFO hearings, but what are the social consequences of first contact? -
Rep. Burchett and colleagues hold press conference on upcoming Oversight Committee hearing on UAPs - YouTube video 22mins
David Grusch, Commander David Fravor, Lieutenant Ryan Graves will testify under oath next week -
Michael Herrera claims man made UFO experience during 2009 Sumatran earthquake -
Pentagon warns of "Technical Supremacy" from UAP -
‘Non-human intelligence’: Schumer proposes stunning new UFO legislation -
Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena Disclosure - Legislation for the expeditious disclosure of UAP records
Congress plan to reveal recovered technologies of unknown origin -
Schumer, Rounds Introduce New Legislation To Declassify Government Records Related To UAPs -
Would be UAP whistleblowers offered dire warning from US Security Clearance Organization -
Congress doubles down on explosive claims of illegal UFO retrieval programs - The Hill
Senate bill gives holders of exotic UAP material six months to make it available to AARO -
Italian researcher shares evidence of secret UFO crash Italy -
Something happened in the skies over Bad Axe - Huron Daily Tribune
Crashed UFO 'distorted space and time' -
Las Vegas family see aliens in backyard -
Turkish airport suspends flights following 'UFO sighting' - New Straits Times
Aliens are on earth, US is reverse engineering downed UFOs -
Bolivian village baby alien died after UFO landing -
We Have a Real UFO Problem ... and it's not balloons - Politico
Ross Coulthart disproves alien theory on shot down flying objects -
I am a Boeing 747 pilot - I've seen UFOs - The Sun
What I saw that night was real, is it time to take aliens more seriously? - The Guardian
Pentagon Unable To Confirm Or Deny Materials From Aliens -
Larry Maguire MP letter to Canadian Defense Minister on UAP recovery program -
Senate advancing new language seeking secret UFO-tech programs - Douglas Dean Johnson
Five Eyes alliance remains tight-lipped on how it’s collaborating on uncovering UAPs -
Larry Maguire: UAPs are real, and Canada should take them seriously - by Canadian MP Larry Maguire
Intelligence officials say U.S. has retrieved craft of non-human origin - The DeBrief
NASA holds first-ever public meeting on UFOs -
Senate Armed Forces Committee on UAPs - YouTube video, 59mins
Pentagon releases video of 2022 metallic UFO over Middle East -
Pentagon issues official warning over 'alien mothership UFO sending probes to Earth' -
UFO's turn off nuclear warheads and shoot down test missiles -
The Pentagon's highest ranking UFO hunter steps out of the shadows - Liberation Times

silver sphere flying over the city of Mosul Publicly revealed UFO footage taken by US spy plane - Daily Mail
Pentagon ran secret multi-million dollar UFO programme - BBC
New UFO report shows hundreds more incidents than previously thought - ABC News
Pentagon releases video of a Tic-Tac-shaped UFO - Business Insider
Police, reporter and towns people see numerous UFOs over Breckenridge - Summit Daily
Deputies investigate series of cow mutilations - KSL News
Iranian fighter jet chases UFO! - Forbes Magazine
Man claims he's had alien technology in his home for decades -
Is Earth ready for alien contact? - Express UK
Stephen Hawkins warns: best for humanity to avoid contact with extraterrestrials - Science Alert (archive)