Alien Abduction - Classic Cases

An Ordinary Day: the Travis Walton abduction - 1975, article written by Travis Walton
The Betty Andreasson Luca Abduction - 1967, an interview with Betty Andreasson, alien abduction or religious experience
Betty and Barney Hill abduction - 1961
The seduction of Antonio Villas Boas - 1957, sexual reality or sexual fantasy, or both!

Aliens in Asia

Japan's Utsuro-Bune and the Alien Woman - 1803 one of the first 'modern' UFO stories!

Fakes and Hoaxes

Alien creature shot dead by a Colombian Farmer - video, let's grab and touch the dead alien!
Image hoaxes and misinterpretations - is the revealed hoax a hoax?

Skeptics Corner

Flying saucers over Mount Rainier - not
The Valentich Disappearance: Another UFO cold case solved - maybe
How to argue with an ancient astronaut theorist - promoting science, critical thinking, and ... skepticism - "stimulating and provocative” Carl Sagan - "the modern Sherlock Holmes," the "real-life Scully"



Eyes of the Mothman - [VUDU video, Netflix 155 min] eye witness testomonies, seen by hundreds, MIB


Arcturus Books - Bob Girard (in memory of)
An Alien Harvest - Linda Moulton Howe
Flying Saucer Conspiracy - Donald E. Keyhoe (1955 classic)
Missing Time - Budd Hopkins
Mothman Prophecies, The: A True Story - John A. Keel
Stalking the Herd - Christopher O'Brien


Däniken, Erich von - ancient astronauts author
Greer, Steven M. - ufologist, founder of CSETI and The Disclosure Project
Hynek, Josef Allen - ufologist, author, scientist
Jacobs, David - American historian, abduction author
Moulton Howe, Linda - researcher, author cattle mutilations
Nickell, Joe - skeptic, author
Vallee, Jacques - UFO and SF writer, computer scientist
Walton, Travis - abductee, movie


The small mummy alien of Peru
Sirius Documentary (2008) (Part 1) - [YouTube video, 118min] Dr. Steven Greer, top-level government eyewitness accounts on UFOs
Sirius Documentary (2008) (Part 2) - [YouTube video, 116 min] Dr. Steven Greer, government eyewitness accounts on crashed craft and recovered aliens
Alien skull comparison? video

Sirius: The Film (2013) - [Disclosure Project video, 116min] Dr. Steven Greer, DNA analysis of the Atacama Alien and more
What’s The Real Deal About The Atacama Alien? - just 15 centimeters (6 inches) tall!

Ancient Astronauts

In Search of Ancient Astronauts (1973) - [YouTube video, 51min] Erich von Däniken classic
Ancient alien astronauts and the artifact evidence - [YouTube video, 46min]
ALIEN GODS (The Documentary) - [YouTube video, 50min]


Mermaids through History
Animal Planet-(Part 1) Mermaids - [YouTube video, 81 min] documentary or mockumentary!
Animal Planet-(Part 2) Mermaids the New Evidence - [YouTube video, 81 min]


Mothman Prophecies, The (2012) - Richard Gere, story based around "true reports"
Prometheus (2012) - Ridley Scott really jumped the shark with this load of crap
Thing, The (1982) - Antarctic alien movie, excellent
Thing, The (2011) - prequel to the 1982 movie, very good